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What happens if my item overhangs the pallet?

If your item is not fully contained within the pallet base, you should book space for two pallets to accommodate this. However, pallets are lifted by a forklift, which can only lift one pallet at a time. The maximum extra space allowance is two pallet widths (2m) and the goods must still sit within the 1.2m depth:


The usual size, weight and height restrictions still apply, depending on the size of your pallet. Your goods should be secured to the centre of the pallet:

You can then book and pay for two pallet spaces and your one physical pallet can be loaded in to the lorry with the goods taking up the space either side:



If your item overhangs the pallet and you haven't booked extra space, either your pallet will not be collected at all, resulting in a failed collection charge, or your pallet will be collected and you will be asked to pay a surcharge. Either way, you will need to pay extra for your shipment.

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