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What is a Pallet & Wrap service?

In order to be safely transported, your item must be wrapped, and strapped to a pallet. Pallet wrapping (like cling film) secures your goods to the pallet ready for transportation. Wrapping provides no protection for your goods and they must already be well packaged in line with our guidelines before they go on the pallet.

If you are unable to provide a pallet and/or wrap your shipment, we would advise that you select a pallet & wrap service. The courier will provide a pallet and wrapping, but you remain responsible for transferring the item on to the pallet, and carrying out the wrapping. For health & safety reasons, the driver is not able to help you with this process.

A pallet & wrap service does not include a strap.

For health & safety reasons, couriers will not allow their drivers to assist you in the wrapping or loading of your item on to the pallet.

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