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What if my parcel is bigger / heavier than I declared?

Each courier has different maximum sizes and weights, and our system will only show you services that are available for the size that you declare using the quote form. That’s why it is so important that you accurately weigh and measure your parcels before booking your delivery. If the courier collecting the parcel believes it is too big or heavy, they could refuse to make the collection.

When your parcel has been collected and arrives at the sorting depot it will be re-measured and weighed using very accurate equipment. This is done to make sure that the size and weight you entered during booking is correct. Surcharges with some couriers can be as much as £200 in the UK, and with international orders there is no limit, and we certainly wouldn't want that. Please check you have inputted the dimensions accurately. If you haven't got scales or a tape measure then take a look at our guide here but remember…. if in doubt it’s always best to be generous with your estimations!

You can check the maximum sizes and weights of each courier by checking out their pages which contain everything you need to know!

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