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How do I send a parcel outside the UK

There are some extra things to consider when you send a parcel outside of the UK (plus when you send to the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man and all members of the EU). We’ve listed them below so take a look to make sure your parcel is safe to send and will have no problems on their journey.

What’s in your parcel?

International parcels will be x-rayed at the courier depot to check they don't contain items on the prohibited items list. If you aren’t sure if your parcel contents are safe to send, just contact us and we'll double check for you.

Have you got the right paperwork?

When you send a parcel outside the EU you need an extra piece of paperwork – a pro-forma invoice. This is nice and easy to complete and we will automatically direct you to this when you book a service that requires it. On the pro-forma invoice just ensure that you are very detailed, including a description and value for each of the items in you parcel. This total must match the overall estimated value of the parcel in your booking.

As well as printing your parcel label, you need to print five copies of this pro-forma invoice and attach them to the outside of your parcel in a clear plastic wallet or an envelope. This means it will be easily accessible to the customs agents.

To access your pro-forma invoice, log into your My Parcel Delivery account, select the order number that you want to print the pro-forma for, then click on the orange button to print your invoices.

Can we contact the recipient?

Just in case the courier can’t find the delivery address, or your parcel faces any customs charges, please be sure to include a local telephone number for the recipient. This way the customs officials can contact them directly and speed up the process. Some countries require this, so we recommend that you include this every time.

What are customs charges?

Most countries across the world have the power to add charges when items are imported, in the same way that the UK government adds VAT to most things you purchase there. The charge can be applied whether your parcel contents are brand-new or pre-loved. We can’t offer any information as to whether you will be charged, or how much the charge will be but if you want to find out more, please contact the customs office of the country you are sending to.

Once you have covered all of these points, there is nothing stopping you from sending your parcel – and what’s more you could save a packet by booking through us too.  

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